Georges Farah

Web Developer,UI/UX Developer,Engineer


About me

Hello, I'm Georges Farah. A Software Engineering student who loves to work on a wide range of projects, from Robotics to Web.

I focus a lot on self-learning, and learning from experience.

I'm quadrilingual. I code in more than 5 languages.


HTML5 95%
Javascipt & jQuery 80%
CSS3 85%
PHP 70%
Python 70%
Unity 50%
Java 40%



University course scheduling software.Worked on the UI/UX.We had 350 users the first week.Coursis still maintained to this day.

whatsapp stories

mozilla addon used to download videos and photos on whatsapp stories(status).Easy to use and still maintained to this day

Grade Calculator

Calculate how much you need on the final to pass the course.Simple and easy idea but used a lot in ESIB.

USJ Foire des sciences 2018

MotusVR:Microcontroller-based rig using gyroscopes and flex sensors to track hand/arm movement.

LAU Summercamp 2017

Worked on an android app and won the 3rd place.20 to 30 people participated in this summercamp which lasted 1 week.

moubarat 2017

Worked on an arduino project with my friend and won 3rd place in our category (IT).More than 150 participated in this competition.

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